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We partner with various provider and Medicare insurance companies to provide unbiased guidance in selecting the best options.  We believe in cultivating longstanding high-trust relationships and we will take the time to learn about your priorities and personal goals.  Our consultants are available to meet with you in-person at a location that is convenient for you or we can meet with you via telephone or video conference.  Our services area available without any obligation or cost to you.

What is an Independent Medicare Agent and
Why is it Important to Have One?

You will likely face some of the most important life decisions during your retirement years and a licensed independent Medicare insurance agent is one of the most valuable resources that is available to you at no additional cost.  Your agent is a trusted advisor who will help guide you in selecting and enrolling in a Medicare insurance plan, and will also advise you when there are new plan options available or when you need additional support and guidance regarding your coverage.  With so many available options, now is the time to consider having an independent Medicare insurance agent in your corner.  Click here to learn more about us and why we are your trusted Medicare resource.


There are many advantages in working with an independent Medicare insurance agent including the following:


  1. Medicare expertise.  A Medicare insurance agent is licensed by the state, certified by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), and appointed by various insurance carriers to sell a variety of Medicare insurance programs such as Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Supplements, and Prescription Drug Plans.  Your agent is knowledgeable about the various health plan benefits, costs, provider networks and drug formularies which makes the process much easier and faster because your agent will narrow the choices to those plans that best match your unique interests.  As your needs or health plan choices change, your agent will be able to guide you in future decisions that align with your personal values and individual situation.

  2. Unbiased consultation.  Unlike an insurance sales agent that works for an insurance company with a single goal of selling you one of the company’s insurance products, an independent Medicare agent works directly with you and partners with multiple insurance carriers to help you evaluate the plan options that are most likely to be the best fit for you.  Your agent is able to check physician networks and prescription drug formularies to help evaluate and compare costs.

  3. Ongoing support.  An independent Medicare insurance agent will be interested in maintaining a longstanding relationship with you to address issues that may arise in the future and to make adjustments in your health insurance if needed.  Even if you decide to change health insurance carriers at some point, your agent remains your point of contact when additional assistance is needed.

  4. Peace of mind.  Because an independent Medicare insurance agent stays informed of plan options and industry trends, using a Medicare agent will save you valuable time and will help you select the best solution based on your unique needs.  Agents typically offer great flexibility in scheduling individual appointments and have the ability to meet in-person or remotely via telephone or video conferencing.

  5. Services offered at no cost to you.  The cost associated with agent commissions is included in Medicare insurance rates so you have the opportunity to have an agent assist you with your selection and enrollment without having to pay any additional cost for these services.  There is never an obligation to enroll.

Once you have decided to work with an independent Medicare insurance agent, you will want to find someone who is willing to take the time to get to know about you and is wanting to develop a deep understanding of your individual needs, preferences, and values.  You will also want to make sure that the agent you select has substantial education, training and experience in senior healthcare and Medicare.  It is also preferable that your agent is nearby with knowledge of the local healthcare market and is easily accessible to you throughout the year.

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