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Why is it Important to Have a Licensed Medicare Insurance Agent and How Do You Choose the Right One?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Picking the right Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Plan
Why it is Important to Have a Licensed Medicare Agent and How to Choose the Right One

Choosing your Medicare coverage is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your lifetime. Medicare is a complex program and there are many options that are available, making this important healthcare decision somewhat difficult and confusing. A Medicare insurance agent is a trusted advisor who will help guide you in selecting and enrolling in a Medicare plan that is right for you. Here are reasons why it is important to have an agent and some tips on finding the best agent to help you.

Why having an agent is important...

Medicare expertise. A Medicare insurance agent is licensed by the state, certified by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and is certified by various insurance carriers. An agent has extensive training and continuing education and is knowledgeable about Medicare coverage, eligibility requirements, health plan options, provider networks, prescription drug formularies, and other aspects so that you receive accurate information in making an informed decision.


Unbiased consultation. An independent Medicare agent is able to provide unbiased guidance because (s)he partners with multiple insurance companies and represents a variety of different types of Medicare plans. Your agent is able to check provider networks and prescription drug formularies so that you can compare plans and anticipate costs.

Ongoing support. An independent Medicare insurance agent will be interested in maintaining a longstanding relationship with you to help address any questions or concerns regarding your health insurance and to help you make changes if needed. Your agent will be your main point of contact and reliable source of ongoing support.

Peace of mind. Medicare health plans and benefits change every year and your agent will monitor these changes to help make sure that your plan continues to be the right fit for you and to inform you about changes and enhancements to your benefits. You will have peace of mind knowing that your agent will help you avoid making costly mistakes that could lead to penalties on premiums, will help you make informed decisions, and will be available to you remotely or in-person according to your preference.

No commitments and no cost. There is never a cost for the services that your agent provides because the agent is paid a standard cost as determined by Medicare, regardless of what insurance plan you choose. There is never an obligation to enroll in any plan and you may select to change or discontinue coverage according to Medicare guidelines.

How do you choose the right agent for you?

Now that you know the reasons why it is important to have a licensed Medicare insurance agent in your corner, what are some of the things that you should consider in selecting the right agent?

Experience. You'll want to find an agent that specializes in Medicare and has extensive Medicare experience. Some agents sell other types of insurance products and focus on Medicare only during Annual Enrollment or when their current clients become eligible for Medicare. At PrimeTime Advisors, Medicare is all we do. With more than 30 years of industry experience and advanced college background, PrimeTime Advisors has the experience you desire.

Availability. You'll want to choose an agent who is responsive and available to you when needed. One of the advantages of having an agent is having a main point of contact so that you don't always have to call a toll-free number where you face various phone menu prompts to get to a customer service representative that is not in your area. Your agent at PrimeTime Advisors lives and works in Colorado and is knowledgeable about the local healthcare market. We take pride in serving Coloradoans and are directly available to you remotely or in-person depending on your needs and personal preference.

Service and reputation. Your agent should passionate about serving others and optimizing the customer experience. At PrimeTime Advisors, we believe in helping others, always doing the right thing and going the extra mile even when someone is not one of our customers. We actively volunteer in our local community, seek ways to improve quality of life for Coloradoans, and represent the interests of our customers. Because of this, recommendations from friends, family or healthcare professionals tend to be a main source of our referrals.

Daphne Bernstein, MS Gerontology, is an independent licensed Medicare insurance agent and owner of PrimeTime Advisors. For more information, call 720-900-8336 or visit us online at

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