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Senior Living

At PrimeTime Advisors, we are specifically trained and experienced in senior living options and we are able to help you find and select the best care options, evaluate costs and identify financial solutions and help with care coordination and the moving process.

Independent Living

Independent Living is a highly desirable option for those who have no or limited personal care needs and desire an active living environment that promotes lifestyle, wellness, and engagement.  Independent Living communities often provide an amenity-rich community with a wide variety of life engagement opportunities, dining venues, and customized services.  We can help you find a community that has the services that you believe are most important and an environment that is warm and welcoming.

Assisted Living

There are many choices available for assisted living and your PrimeTime Advisor will help you find and select the assisted living community that will likely meet your current and future needs.  Your advisor will help you choose a desirable apartment and will help you through the move-in process.  Private Care Management services are also available to help you during the moving transition and on an ongoing basis, if desired.


Memory Care

Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia create unique challenges in finding memory care assistance.  Your PrimeTime Advisor will help you identify available resources and help make sure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible when memory care services are needed.  If desired, your PrimeTime Advisor is available on an ongoing basis to collaborate with care providers and provide additional assistance.

Downsizing and Moving Coordination

The process of downsizing can be incredibly overwhelming and the choices that you make during this important stage are critical.  We can refer you to realtors that help you get the most from your home investment and we can guide you to take the steps needed to help you capture the most advantageous position possible.


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